4-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA)
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      4-Bromophthalic ACID Anhydride
      Ethyl 4-[[(methylphenylami...
    Catalytic Hydrogenation is one of our traditional advantages of Changzhou Sunlight Medical Raw Material Co., Ltd. nowadays we are keeping eyes on the development of new drugs in the world.

    "To pursue Excellence", this motto always encourage us to learn more new knowledge and explore new fields. Our goal in R&D is to cultivative our core competitive ability and possess our own technology of "know how", which always leads us to work hard and make progress in every day.

    R&D System:
    1. Our own R&D center with the staffs of Professor, Ph.D., M.S. and Bachelor.
    2. Wildly cooperation network with some famous University and Institute.
    3. Majoring in contract manufacturing and custom synthesis.
    4. Pilot: Multi-purpose pilot plant from 1Kg to 100Kg synthesis.

    Technology Advantage:
    1. Catalytic hydrogenation
    2. Reductive alkylation
    3. Debenzylation by hydrogenation
    4. Aromatic ring or Heterocycle hydrogenation
    5. Friendal-craft alkylation/ acylation
    6. Grignard reaction
    7. Claisen condensation
    8. Synthesis of Indole - heterocycle
    9. High pressure reaction (ammonation, etc.)
    10.phosgene reaction
    11.extra low temperature reaction(-78篊)
    12.Process of oxidation by dilute Nitric acid
    13.Electronic-grade monomer fined technology

    We have rich practical experience in custom synthesis and technical service for foreign client. The strict confidential system has been set up in our comapy, and we strictly implement the confidential agreement and have won good reputation international market in our fields.

    Operation in Refining Unit
    1. Reduced-pressure distillation
    2. High performance rectification
    3. Crystallization in low temperature
    4. Purification by sublimating

    High-pressure reaction autoclave 1. Lab scale: 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml two sets each
       Highest Pressure: 12MPa
    2. Pilot scale: 50L(one set ,12.5Mpa), 100L(one set ,1.59Mpa), 500L( two sets, 1.59Mpa and 11Mpa), Highest Pressure: 12MPa
    3. Production scale: 1500L(one set ,6Mpa), 2000L(one set, 1.59Mpa), 2500L(two sets,1.59Mpa), 3000L(one set, 1.59Mpa),4000L(two sets,1.59Mpa),6000L(one set, 1.59Mpa)
    H   ighest pressure: 6Mpa

    Hydrogenation Reactors
    Lab scale: 100ml、500ml、1000ml、2000ml、5000ml
    Highest pressure:12.5Mpa

    Pilot scale: 50L(11Mpa)、100L(1.59Mpa)
    Highest pressure: 11Mpa

    Commercial Production: 500L(11Mpa)、1500L(11Mpa)、2500L(1.59Mpa)
    Highest pressure: 11Mpa

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